I find the level of deception being perpetrated by the UK government despicable. Following the latest ONS (Office for National Statistics) figures the mainstream media has been putting out all sorts of stories suggesting the number of deaths so far could be higher than those in the actual statistics, but in fact if you look at the topic logically you’d quickly see the reverse is probably so.

In November last year, just as the world was starting to wake up to a new coronavirus threat, my wife lost her three-year battle with Stage IV cancer. After being admitted to hospital a few months earlier she was finding it incredibly hard to breathe because of the cancer, she found it hard to eat because of the cancer, and she passed away because of the cancer. Her death certificate has cancer down as the cause of death.

What about patients in conditions similar to her’s now, well if they’ve contracted a coronavirus they’re death certificate will say Covid19 as a factor, so the statisticians will record them as Covid19 victims, when any flu-like infection could have proved fatal for them… because they had cancer… FULL STORY