My wife, God rest her soul, was a huge admirer of Bill Gates, he was the man she held up for our children to aspire to be like, predominantly because he’d accrued a vast fortune but also because she believed he was using it in a philanthropic way to improve the world for generations to come.

I guess he was looked up to as something of a God in our household and probably many others, but the big question for me is how does he view himself and how far is he prepared to go to see his vision for mankind come to fruition.

Once he gave up the reins at Microsoft in 2008, he embarked on his life’s work… with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation his vehicle to achieve it.

As well as his own contributions to the foundation set up in 1994 with his father as head, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett made a lifetime pledge to the foundation of Berkshire Hathaway stock valued at US$31 billion. Quite a war chest to fight to improve health and well-being around the globe… FULL STORY