I only have to see the name Bayer mentioned in an article about health-care, drugs, cancer or anything to do with medicine and the hackles on the back of my neck become raised… this company played a huge part in the Third Reich’s assault on mankind and its record on human-rights violations hasn’t improved greatly ever since.

It turns out that the German pharmaceutical conglomerate closed a US$63 billion merger deal with another company with questionable ethics, Monsanto, in June 2018 after getting the required permission from US and EU regulators.

Monsanto’s efforts to promote genetically modified crops have been the subject of much controversy from anti-GM activists and the US company has spent millions of dollars over the years on brand and corporate ad campaigns to improve its overall image. The deal with Bayer set the stage for the almost 120-year-old agribusiness’ corporate name to be dropped by Bayer… who also conveniently shed the name IG Farben after World War II… FULL STORY