Mention the word conspiracy in relation to the current “Covid-19” pandemic and the biggest difficulty people have in coming to terms with the possibility it could be true is the sheer scale of the operation… how could so many countries be party to such a plot?

China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, the United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Saudi Arabia and Iran… just some of the countries locking down in the face of a global pandemic… one the World Economic Forum simulated just a couple of months before the first case emerged in Wuhan, China.

After all, this was something “philanthropists” such as Bill Gates had been warning us about… so of course it was only a matter of time before their predictions were proved correct… so, let’s all blame China. Dirty nasty wet markets, horrible breeding grounds for a terrible virus killing hundreds of thousands around the globe… FULL STORY