From predicting a global pandemic, including a World Economic Forum simulation of such an event, to a patent for coronavirus, plus the funding of the most likely source of its release were it not to have developed naturally, the mark of Bill Gates is written all over the Covid19 chaos unfolding around the world.

It’s a classic problem, reaction, solution scenario… with Gates the key that unlocks each compartment of the hoax. First create panic and paranoia about a perceived pandemic, then establish the reaction to it, before finally offering up a solution.

Misleading pandemic-modelling studies funded by his foundation sowed the seeds for lockdown, a prophetic Netflix documentary series released as the virus was taking hold added to the paranoia, before the constant indoctrination about a vaccine being the only way to lift humanity from the clutches of Covid19 brainwashed the world. At every stage of this charade Gates is there calling the shots over this ludicrous global masquerade… FULL STORY