On Saturday, 15 May 2021, Gari Jones was one of many ordinary people who spoke out about the Covid tyranny taking place in our world right now.

It’s a tyranny which the mainstream media is complicit in… with newspapers simply ignoring any protest action, and the BBC and Sky News actively spreading propaganda to foment fear in a gullible public.

The above video was filmed at the Cardiff protest outside the BBC, and at City Hall, in support of the World Wide Rally For Freedom that united millions globally in condemning the state-enforced genocide that has been unleashed on people across the planet.

The video made a brief appearance on YouTube before it was taken down for breaching “community guidelines”. Clearly the YouTube community is not one where free speech is permitted… although “false prophets” such as Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Matt Hancock, Bill Gates and Piers Morgan seem to be “immune” to the censorship.

When questioned about what guidelines the video contravened YouTube graciously responded by referring to the “COVID-19 Medical Misinformation Policy”, which pretty much means that if they so desire almost any video relating to the plandemic lunacy can be removed.

Fortunately, YouTube is not the only platform on the planet… so as hard as they try they can’t keep the truth from coming out.

So far it’s the only Not.Wildaboutit video to earn the wrath of YouTube… you can find our other videos on our YouTube Channel.