As far as I understand it today, my take on the world is shaped by three factors… my own inquisitive nature, my 30-year career as a journalist and the core values of the culture I was born into and others I have experienced. That set of factors determines how I perceive the world around me. The culture that I was born into is a Western Christian culture, built on the 10 commandments that teach us to believe in one God, make no other idols and to not take the name of the Lord our God in vain. We are instructed to keep the Sabbath day holy, honour our fathers and mothers, and to not murder or commit adultery. And finally we are told not to steal or bear false witness against our neighbours, and to not covet things we don’t possess that others may have. Another part of our culture comes from the laws of the society in which we live. In the Western world they are largely that the age of consent is 16, that the right to vote comes at the age of 18 or 21 and that we pick up our pensions sometime after our 60th birthdays. There’s a whole set of other laws in place that provide the cornerstone of how each country rules our lives, but the tenets are basically the same across each nation. The way we judge others is therefore based on our own individual perception of these factors, but as “Christians” we all view the world according to those common beliefs. The present Covid-19 pandemic illustrates that in times of difficulty we are a caring society, willing to help others in times of need and to appreciate those who work selflessly towards the common good. But at the same time we recognise that not everyone in our society behaves in that way, that some are more self-centred than others and obey the rules set by society to different degrees. These form our core values, but not all cultures are the same. Many have far different beliefs, a totally diverse set of laws and are made up of people “wired” in very contrasting ways as a result of those discrepancies. A website called The Register lists the main world religions and the number of people who practise them as: Christianity (2.1 billion), Islam (1.3 billion), Non-religious (1.1 billion), Hinduism (900 million), Traditional Chinese (394 million), Buddhism (376 million), Primal-Indigenous (300 million), Traditional African-Diasporic (100 million), Sikhism (23 million), Juche (19 million), Spiritism (15 million), Judaism (14 million), Bahai (7 million), Jainism (4.2 million), Shinto (4 million), Cao Dai (4 million), Zoroastrianism (2.6 million), Tenrikyo (2 million), Neo-Paganism (1 million), and Unitarian-Universalism (800,000). To understand what is going on in the world we can’t judge by our own Christian values alone, we have to open our minds to the fact other cultures have far different beliefs and agendas that seem ridiculous to us. Take the age of consent, the number of wives a man may have, methods of punishment, female genital mutilation and occult worship… and you get a picture of how narrow our interpretation of the world is. We may believe our values are the right ones, but other cultures might take some convincing. Many of those religions listed above, and the roots within them, date back far further than the birth of our Christ and the rules that govern them are practised in hugely different ways than our own. I’m not well read on such matters, but in the last three weeks I’ve begun a journey of discovery to get to the heart of the chaos sweeping the world in the name of “Covid-19”. That quest for answers has taken me into the realms of Kabbalah, Zoroastrianism, Primal-Indigenous, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, Gnosticism, Valentinianism, Martinism, Luciferianism and a host more that were an enigma to me a fortnight ago. Within our world these belief systems are followed… be sure of that. But it matters not what we all believe, what matters right now is what the people calling the shots in the world believe… which may be a lot stranger than we can perceive from our Agnostic-Christian perspective. Materialism and celebrity have tainted our culture, making many in our society more self-centred than those who follow other paths, diluting the way our perception of the world, passed down from our forebears, is interpreted. In other religions the lineage from one generation to the next is far more sacred and the adherence to such beliefs far stronger, something which we often fail to understand. I’d say that my individual wiring makes me more inquisitive than a large number of people in our society, that I subscribe to our Christian values but do not believe in God and although I question the validity of all laws set by our government, I try to abide by them as best I can. I’m no great engineer, nor radical innovator. My voice is not that of an angel and performing in front of a crowd is my worst nightmare. I’m a solitary chap who likes watching the world go by… but if I had to pick one “superpower” that I might possess it’s the ability to see the wood through the trees, to spot deceit more rapidly than most; and call the culprits to task. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being hoodwinked on a most despicable scale! Realise it, accept it… because by Christ unless we all stand together there’s not a lot we can do about it! 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    Please check out our Instagram account for our somewhat irreverent take on the Covid19 phoney-baloney “plandemic” and other aspects of society that have been known to make our blood boil. Can’t say we’re huge fans of Boris Johnson or Donald Trump… and don’t get us started on Brexit and the lack of action on making cannabis oil available to people suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. There’s far too much stupidity in the world… just trying to change that in our own enigmatic way.


    If you missed Mikki Willis’ documentary Plandemic: Indoctornation when it streamed on London Real’s Digital Freedom Platform yesterday you can tune into it here. It really is an eye-opener about the Covid conspiracy taking place globally in 2020. I can say that with confidence because it clearly lays out the case I’ve been making on my Vocal.Media presence since March this year, research I have done independently without any knowledge of Willis’ investigations. If you simply take the time to do the research all the information contained in Willis’ documentary is on the web… but you won’t find it on a Google search. To find out the truth it helps to make use of more independent browsers… which, surprisingly, you can still find through a Google search. Then all you have to do is Join The Dots and this #phoneybaloney being foisted on us by the puppet masters calling the shots in the world becomes patently obvious. London Real CEO Brian Rose was not wrong when he described it as possibly “the most important documentary you will ever see” and if I include a link to it on my Facebook presence at Not.Wildaboutit it will probably be removed within a few hours… not by me, but by Facebook. Yesterday when I tried to put up links to the Digital Freedom Platform they were removed or tampered with within minutes as Facebook did its bit in the conspiracy to prevent the truth from being exposed. Created by the team behind the game-changing Plandemic video segment featuring Dr Judy Mikovits that went viral and was banned on every major social media platform earlier this year for exposing the truth about Covid-19, the Plandemic: Indoctornation documentary has been dubbed by Rose as “the most revelatory film on what is driving the vaccine agenda, the various roles of the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and more”. If it wasn’t for London Real this information would remain dotted across the web on independent sites like my own, presences that also face censorship on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don’t have the resources of London Real to get the message out. If you take the trouble to open your eyes to what’s going on all around you it is absolutely clear this coronavirus crisis is all part of an agenda to bring a new order to the world… one where our freedoms will be greatly limited, where vaccines and sterilization will become mandatory, where our every movement will be watched and where justice will no longer exist. This scenario is getting closer every day and while people ignorantly continue to acquiesce to this draconian bullshit the opportunity to do something about it gets harder every day. Tell them to stick their masks where the sun don’t shine, tell them we don’t need decontamination suits when we venture outside and we won’t be tracked as we go about our daily routines. We don’t need to resort to aggression or protest… all we have to do is say no. Coronavirus is not a huge threat. Worldometer lists total deaths, even including people who were shot but had tested positive, as being 786,618. The world population stands at 7,806,026,949… so the percentage of deaths from it, even at the most inflated of figures, is 0.01 per cent. That’s one person in 10,000… and for that tiny threat the world economy has been brought to its knees… for God’s sake… open your eyes, join the dots and realise… we’re being treated like idiots, it’s time to say no more!  


    Nothing makes sense about the phoney pandemic conjured up by the world’s puppet-masters during their World Economic Forum meetings, Trilateral Commission  gatherings and Bilderberg Group junkets, but it seems a huge proportion of the world has been mesmerised by the smoke and mirrors to the point where they’d believe just about anything these masters of deception feed them. The mainstream media organisations around the world, that largely fall into line with their paymasters, do their utmost to keep the public under their spell to the point where nothing leaks out except the state propaganda. Where figures are concerned it’s just a case of lies, damned lies and statistics with all the politicians bickering amongst themselves about who’s telling the truth. Forget the petty party rivalries… they’re just another means to cloud the minds of those who believe these people care about society, when all they care about is themselves. Well, come on world, it’s about time you all woke up to the manipulation and mind control and started to join the dots… Covid-19 is just shameless propaganda, the global elite’s way of keeping everyone in line while they roll out the new world order they’ve been planning for decades. If we don’t do something about it soon it will all be too late. It’s not China at the heart of it, not Russia nor Iran. It’s not the United States, Germany, Britain or Brazil. It’s the intelligence services, the think-tanks, the summits, conferences and lobby groups that set the agenda… with the oligarchs at the helm. They’ve created an opportunity to change many of the evils in society, but I suspect these dark lords are about to make things worse… they don’t give a hoot about saving lives… control’s the name of the game! In addition to the above banned post on Instagram, which also fell foul of the Facebook censors, I’ve had accounts suspended on Twitter and recently became a “health risk” at Not long ago I posted six articles that have been up on Vocal.Media for months on the Medium publishing platform hoping to increase their exposure. For a week I had no reads on the articles, but then things started to improve and all of a sudden my “friends” at Medium got in touch to tell me my account was banned… for breaching their health and safety rules. But, even though I was banned, they were still “sad to see me go” when I closed my account. Medium was set up by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams and is closely affiliated with Facebook and Google… so my Medium ban didn’t come as a surprise… but it just emphasises how much control the industrial-military tyrants have on the world’s media. As well as their puppets in the mainstream news in print and on television they now have a virtual domination of social-media platforms too… so much for free speech.