Boris Brigade

One step at a time… having loved the lockdown and got married to the masks … the Borismen yesterday decided it was time to introduce the next chapter in the phoney-baloney Covid19 plandemic.

Let’s all give a big “Thursday clap” for the “Boris Brigade” … an army of enforcers dispatched to towns and cities near you to police the new draconian laws to protect you from the bogus virus.

With the power to break up groups of more than six in town centres and alert police if fines need to be handed out, a legion of “Covid marshals” will patrol parks, shopping centres, train stations and other areas where groups are likely to gather.

Recently retired environmental health officers will also be drafted in to enforce legislation at pubs and restaurants, helping to “enforce social-distancing rules” and ensure contact details of all customers are collected for the test and trace system.

“We will boost the local enforcement capacity of local authorities by introducing Covid-secure marshals to help ensure social distancing in town and city centres, and by setting up a register of environmental health officers that local authorities can draw upon for support,” BoJo said.

The move seems to be designed to address fears that police were struggling to enforce the insanely stupid government mandates.

And in further moves to spread panic and paranoia amongst the population, police will now have the power to arrest rule-breakers if needed, as well as fining them £100, which will then double on each repeat offence up to £3,200.

BoJo also warned the draconian new restrictions could be here for months, as chief Gates’ foundation lapdog Chris Whitty, masquerading as chief medical officer, pointed the finger at “Generation Z” for sparking a surge in “cases” of a bogus virus.

BoJo said the spike in infections over the past week left him no choice but to tighten lockdown across England, although people who actually get seriously ill from the bogus virus remain in the region of five in 10,000… roughly the same number of “coronavirus” cases as any year for the past few decades, if you resist the temptation to inflate that number with all sorts of other respiratory fatalities.

Apart from a Gates-funded beta-vaccine, BoJo said the only other way out of the plandemic before Christmas was a “moonshot” of mass daily testing which will, of course, increase the number of cases even further as the tests can only identify harmless traces of a coronavirus that exists in trace amounts in most people anyway and has a negligible impact on the vast majority of the population.

We’re dubbing the enforcement marshals the Boris Brigade and have had our artists creating impressions of how these government enforcers could be kitted out (see above). What do you think? Of course we’re being silly aren’t we, Britain isn’t becoming a fascist state, is it?

But hold on there, read up on how the Third Reich came to power 90 years ago, it might make you think again. First people accepted absurdities, then chose to ignore atrocities… something similar couldn’t be happening on a worldwide scale now could it? You bet your damned life it could!