The time to do something about the phoney-baloney Covid19 “plandemic” that is unfolding in the world right now is getting shorter by the day. If people keep acquiescing to the absurdities being foisted upon them by the industrial-military tyrants, soon that window of opportunity will be gone and people will be faced with the dilemma of either having to accept the atrocities carried out by a fascist “new world order” or be subjected to them.

Fortunately people are speaking out and trying to lift the fog of panic and paranoia being spread by the purveyors of state propaganda such as the mainstream news channels, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But unless people are prepared to step back, open their eyes and say NO to the lunacy, then soon the plandemic steamroller will have crushed any hope of a return to a world with any semblance of tolerance and compassion.

The truth is out there, but far too few members of society are prepared to dig to find it, instead they succumb to the fear and deceit being spread by the “state-controlled” media platforms.

If you still believe that all that glitters on your TV, phone or tablet is a shining example of the truth then think again. But, if you don’t believe me, perhaps you could give up a few moments of your manipulated lives to watch a few videos that may start to change your minds.

The first I’d suggest for your consumption is the Exposure Labs’ documentary called The Social Dilemma, which was released in January in the United States for the Sundance Festival, but has only this month appeared on Netflix in the UK.

Featuring a cast of former social-media insiders, the documentary clearly lifts the lid on the evils of platforms such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and how they are targeting us in a bid to change our values and flog us all to the highest bidders.

What the documentary doesn’t outline quite so clearly is who the highest bidders are and what their agenda for the world is. The technology that fuels this artificial intelligence is there to serve the industrial-military tyrants, and while algorithms can present people with information that triggers desired responses they can also be used in a far simpler way to prevent undesired information from reaching any audience at all.

Yes these tools are there to change perceptions and indoctrinate users, but they are far more powerful, as impossible as that may seem, as censorship tools to prevent the public from accessing what the highest bidders deem a threat.

And who are the highest bidders and what is the agenda served by this Covid19 plandemic and the platforms driving it? Well, I’ve been writing about that for the past six months, but a recently released video on YouTube by former Dragons’ Den investor Rachel Elnaugh does an excellent job of getting that message across.

I’ve never watched an episode of Dragons’ Den and wouldn’t have recognised Rachel from Eve… but apart from the fact she firmly believes Covid19 really exists, which I am still far from convinced of, Elnaugh hits the nail firmly on the head regarding the agenda in play on the planet at this point in time. Her message: stop acquiescing to the absurdities before it is too late.

That is also the message of Mikki Willis’ documentary Plandemic: Indoctornation which
really is an eye-opener about the Covid conspiracy taking place globally in 2020.

I can say that with absolute confidence because it, and Endaugh’s video, clearly set out the case I’ve been making on my Vocal.Media presence since March this year, research I have done independently without any knowledge of Willis’ or Endaugh’s investigations.

If you simply take the time to do the research all the information contained in these expose’s is on the web… but you won’t find it on a Google search. That’s where the censorship comes into play, you’ll be fed the content their happy for you to see.

And finally I’d point you in the direction of LondonReal’s Digital Freedom Platform and the interviews its CEO Brian Rose has done with David Icke.

Icke has been speaking out about “so-called conspiracies” for 30 years and his take on the Covid19 plandemic is very accurate. Whatever your thoughts on Icke’s career to date, his research into the dynamics of the phoney-baloney bogus virus make infinitely more sense than anything you’ll hear from Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, Chris Whitty or Neil Ferguson.

It’s impossible to stress how important it is for everyone to watch these insights. And, after doing so, I’d urge you double check the veracity of what they contend. If you do you’ll realise it’s all true and that the “fake news” is coming from the industrial-military tyrants running the world, who look upon the rest of us as expendable collateral assets, much like Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich viewed their “slave labour”. In 2020 history is in danger of repeating itself, but on a much larger scale. Please don’t acquiesce to it, the time has come to say: NO.